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Job Expectations

Pest Treatment    Wait TimeExpectations
Large cockroaches, webbing spiders, red back spiders, ground dwelling spiders6 WeeksCockroaches will be flushed out and will continue to be flushed out for up to 6 weeks. It is common to see baby cockroaches after treatments as there may be eggs already around or when the cockroaches die they can still drop viable eggs. You might notice cockroaches and other pests walking slowly. Large cockroaches and other insects have to come across the insecticide for them to die, the older the treatment the longer it will take to control new pests. New pests can always turn up as some do fly but once contacting our products they should die after a period of time. Ground dwelling spiders are not part of a normal pest treatment but can be catered for on request. You should only expect to get about 4 weeks of improvement, your lawn should be mowed prior to treatment.
German Cockroaches6 WeeksYou should get a 70-80% reduction of German cockroaches in the first week. They should all be gone in 6 weeks, except for babies. If you are only getting babies after 6 weeks the service has been effective to date and the babies should continue to die off. If they are getting bigger after 6 week please call us for a 2nd treatment. If your treatment was considered severe we may have advised you that you will need 2 treatments a small fee may have been quoted on severe infestations. Please do not put any sprays around the areas we have treated as this may negatively effect our work.
Spiders6 weeksSpiders will be flushed out. Spiders around windows will be reduced by 80-90%. Red backs should be reduced by 90-100% depending on initial severity and accessibility for our treatment as they do like to live in all the nooks and crannies. If you had a severe red back issue, we suggest another external treatment after 3 months, to remove any new population build ups. You will never stop spiders coming and will continue to get new webs on your house but the new spiders should die after a few days contact of the chemicals.
Ants4 WeeksIt is common to continue to see ants up to 3 weeks after treatment, sometimes they will get worse. The ants will carry the insecticide back to the nest. If you have been provided with ant bait, please use as per technicians instructions If ants appeared scattered or dying the treatment is working. If you are noticing ants in the same area for more than 3 days and or they are not feeding on the bait if we left you some please contact us for a touch up treatment.
Rats/Mice4 WeeksIt is common to hear or see an increase in rodent activity after the treatment has been done. The increase in activity is because they become attracted to the baits. You may hear the rats/mice playing, dragging, and throwing  the bait blocks in the roof void, despite them being secured at time of application. This will subside over the next 3-4 weeks. Once they have fed on the bait it does take about 4 days for them to die, therefore they do not know what has killed them. Mice can be very wary of new things in their environment so may take longer to feed on the bait compared to rats. Do not seal off any entrance/exit points until the infestation is under control.
Fleas3-4 WeeksFleas have one of the hardest life cycle to control as our products cannot penetrate the casing of the egg or pupae to kill that stage. Therefore it is common to get juvenile fleas after the treatment as they have to hatch before they can die. They will normally hatch on disturbance so in the morning when you get up or when you come home from work, after hatching they should soon die but the eggs or pupae do not all hatch at the one time. Vacuum daily after the day of treatment as this will assist the eggs and pupae hatching and also removal of them. If the property is un- occupied the treatment will not be effective until it is occupied. If you still have pets it is essential that they are on an effective flea control program and they are not allowed access to the sub floor, no free service will be given if this is not done. They play a critical part in the control of the treatment program. You may continue to see fleas and be bitten for up to 3 weeks, however if you are still having a big problem after 2 weeks please contact us.
WASPS & BEES1 WeekPaper nests wasps will normally die within 24, after a few days the nest can be knocked off. New nest may still occur after a treatment as they build over the treated area. Other wasp species may take longer to get under control but normally up to 1 week. Bees will normally be gone within a day however if the colony has been there for a longer period of time it may take longer. Once the bees are gone the entry point should be blocked off and if possible the honey comb removed as the pheromones will attract other scout bees to establish a new hive.
TERMITESTIME VARIESIf a termite baiting procedure is being carried out on average it takes about 12 weeks to eliminate a colony however there are some variables including species treated, size of colony, time of year and speed of feeding If a chemical treatment has been applied we will normally return in around 6 weeks to check the results.
Inspections Termite and Pre Purchase Timber Pest12- 48 HoursMost inspection reports are normally done that night at latest the next night and emailed through. You will be advised at time of inspection when we expect you to receive the report. If you have not received it please check your spam folder and if you still do not have it please contact us.