Looking for the best Termite Inspection or Termite Exterminator in Sydney?

Bugs Or Us Pest Control is a leading Termite Inspection & Treatment Control Company in Sydney. Being one of the very few businesses that have their own trained Termite Detection Dog, and also a Thermal Camera and Termatrac we have a better chance of finding these little house destroyers compared to most other pest control companies throughout Sydney.

Bugs Or Us Pest Control offers all of our specialist inspection and termite treatment Sydney services to most suburbs in the region, so whether you are in North Sydney, Hills District, Eastern Suburbs out West, or in the Shire we can come to you and provide the best termite protection Sydney has ever had.

Termite Inspection Control Sydney | Bugs or Us Pest Control

Comprehensive Termite Protection in Sydney

When it comes to safeguarding your home from termite damage, Bugs Or Us Pest Control provides comprehensive termite protection Sydney residents can rely on. Our expert team specialises in thorough termite pest inspection Sydney can trust, offering top-notch services that cover every aspect of termite control.

Termite Inspection Cost Sydney

We understand that homeowners are often concerned about the termite inspection cost in Sydney. Rest assured, our pricing is competitive and transparent. We offer value for your investment, ensuring your property remains termite-free.

Trusted Termite Exterminator Sydney

Choosing the right termite exterminator in Sydney is crucial to protect your home. Bugs Or Us Pest Control stands as a trusted name in the industry, armed with 20 years of experience. Our skilled team, equipped with Termite Detection Dogs, Thermal Cameras, and Termatrac, provides effective termite treatment Sydney residents can count on.

Termite Treatment Sydney

Our termite treatment Sydney options cater to your preferences, whether you opt for chemical management systems like Termidor or eco-friendly alternatives like monitoring stations. We listen to your needs and customise a program to eradicate termites from your house effectively.

With Bugs Or Us Pest Control, you’ll find a reliable partner for all your termite protection Sydney needs. Contact us today for a comprehensive inspection and peace of mind.

Termite Inspection Control Sydney | Bugs or Us Pest Control

Why Should I Have A Termite Inspection?

Just because you live in  Australia’s largest city Sydney does not mean your house may not get attacked by termites. Even with very few trees in the city we still see a lot of termite activity and evidence of previous activity in the centre of Sydney. We offer our termite control services and inspections in the Sydney city centre, northern beaches, the shire, out in the western suburbs. You should consider this as part of your home maintenance.

The Australian Standards 3660.2 recommends a termite inspection be done at intervals not exceeding annually. In some cases more frequently depending on your risk of attack. The aim of doing them so frequently is so that ideally they can be detected before they have done extensive damage to your property and that it is repairable at a lower more affordable cost. So don’t wait for tomorrow, contact us today!

Termite Treatments in Sydney

When we provide a quote we like to think of your property as our own. How would we protect it the best way possible.

We prefer to offer chemical management systems where possible as long term they work out a lot cheaper for you. In most cases we use Termidor or Termidor HE. If we can not install a chemical management system or you are after a more environmentally friendly solution, we would recommend the use of monitoring stations which can come with timber in them or now pre baited. At the end of the day we make the recommendations based on what we think will work best for you and we listen to what you want/ We will try and work out a program that will eradicate the termites from your house the best way possible

View our termite treatments we can offer in Sydney.

A comprehensive inspection by Bugs Or Us Pest Control is your best option for termite control as we offer specialised tools such as:

Our recommendations are tailored to your needs and preferences, ensuring the most effective termite eradication for your home.

Explore our termite treatments in Sydney.

Termite Detection Dogs in Sydney

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we use the super noses of dogs. Watch our termite detection dog Darcy during a termite inspection in Sydney. Whilst we were not able to see anything due to his indication we recommended that a more invasive inspection be done. On moving the kick panel from under the cupboard we were able to locate active termites. These would have been missed with a regular visual inspection. You will also note how calmly Darcy works through a house.

We have a better chance of detecting termites than possibly 99% of all Australian pest control firms. As Darcy relies on scent, he is far more likely to find them where a person alone would fail. When a house is constructed on a concrete slab or has restricted access in the sub-floor a person can not see where the termites may be gaining entry to your house it is described in a report as an obstruction along with wall linings, insulation, floor coverings on every house. Whilst these factors are a visual obstruction for a person, they do not effect a the odour and a trained detection dog.

What happens during a termite inspection in Sydney?

Our technicians use their experience and professional training to carry out a comprehensive inspection of your home or business premises. We inspect all accessible areas of the building where applicable, sub floor, roof void, interior, grounds etc, all in accordance with the Australian Standard. We will be looking for live termites, previous damage and any factors that may contribute to possible attack in the future (conducive conditions).

Darcy, our detection dog, can be used if he and our thermal camera have been requested. You should note that there is no standard for the use of a thermal cameras in our industry and we do not claim to be qualified thermographers. We use our training provided and industry knowledge to determine if we think there is a thermal anomaly that warrants further investigation and if necessary we will use our Termatrac machine.

Once the inspection is complete we will discuss any issues we may have detected and rectification work that may be required to reduce the potential risk of future attack. You will also be forwarded an extensive report with all our findings and in most cases photos of highlighted areas.

You will find our prices are very competitive for the level of service we provide and equipment we use. With a quick phone call or email we will be able to give you a free no obligation quote on having a termite inspection done with a trained detection dog. We can service anything from a terrace house to a mansion or strata buildings.

Bugs Or Us Pest Control is your trusted partner for expert termite inspections and control in Sydney. With cutting-edge technology and two decades of experience, we offer effective solutions tailored to your needs. Don’t wait; protect your home from termites today. Contact us for a free quote and ensure the safety of your property.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost of a termite inspection in Sydney?

The cost of a termite inspection in Sydney can vary based on factors like the size of your property and the extent of the inspection. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote tailored to your specific needs.

How often should I have a termite inspection?

Australian Standards recommend termite inspections at least annually. However, more frequent inspections may be necessary based on your risk of termite attack. Regular inspections help detect termites early and save on repair costs.

What are the signs of a termite infestation?

Signs of a termite infestation may include mud tubes, damaged wood with a honeycomb appearance, discarded wings, and small holes in wood surfaces. If you suspect termites, it’s essential to have a professional inspection for confirmation.

Are chemical or eco-friendly termite treatments better?

Both chemical and eco-friendly termite treatments have their advantages. We assess your property and recommend the most suitable option based on your preferences and the specific circumstances.

How do Termite Detection Dogs work?

Termite Detection Dogs, like our dog Darcy, rely on their keen sense of smell to detect termites’ scent. They can locate termites even in areas that humans cannot access or see, making them highly effective in termite inspections.

Is a termite infestation an immediate threat to my home?

While termites can cause significant damage over time, a termite infestation typically doesn’t pose an immediate threat. However, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage and higher repair costs.

How can I prevent future termite infestations?

To prevent future termite infestations, consider regular inspections, reducing wood-to-soil contact, maintaining proper drainage, and removing moisture sources near your home’s foundation.

I Have Found Termites What Should I Do?

Firstly DO NOT panic your house is not going to fall down over night. Try and take a clear photo of just a 1 or 2 of the insects you have found and have an idea of roughly how big they are. You may find that someone will be able to give you and identification off the photo, determining if you actually have a problem or not. Then cover the area back up as best you can. Most importantly do not spray them with anything. This can make your treatment more difficult.

Contact your pest control technician, make sure they are qualified and insured to treat termites as not everyone is. They should come out to assess your property and give you the best options. You should not that treatments can vary a lot in price. This can be because of the option you have been given or the firm you are using. A cheap job may be a cheap job and an expensive job may be quality job or you are getting robbed so getting 2 or 3 opinions may not be a bad idea. Quiz them on what they are going to do, what products they want to use and why. When getting multiple quotes this can sometimes be more confusing hence why you ask the questions, make sure there is similarities in their answers and go with who you trust.

Why Choose Bugs Or Us Pest Control?

With 20 years experience we know how to find and treat termites all across Sydney. We are one of the very few firms that have a trained detection dog, thermal camera and Termatrac. We stay up to date with modern procedures and products ensuring we offer you the best possible options. Customer service, we care about you, your family and your property.

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