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Bugs Or Us Pest Control is a leading Termite Inspection & Termite Control Company in Sydney. With the use of our Termite detection Dog, Thermal Camera and Termatrac we have a better chance of finding termites compaired to most other pest control companies.

Bugs Or Us Pest Control offers all of our specialist termite inspection and treatment services to most suburbs in the Sydney region so whether you are in the Northern Beaches, Hills district, Eastern Suburbs out West or in the Shire we can come to you.

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Termite Inspections in Sydney

Annual termite inspections in Sydney are essential for early detection of termite activity on the property to prevent the potential for large scale damage and expensive repairs. Inspections also assess the conditions that make a property more susceptible to timber pests and ways to minimise the risk of attack. A great majority of homes in Sydney are at risk from termite attack.

The Australian Standards recommends a competent pest inspection at least on an annual basis and in some cases more frequent depending on your risk of termite attack. The aim of doing termite inspections so frequently is so that ideally the termites can be detected before they have done extensive damage to your property and that it is repairable at a lower more affordable cost.

A comprehensive annual termite inspection by Bugs Or Us Pest Control is your best option as with our specialised tools like our Termite Detection DogThermal Camera and Termatrac machine, we have a better chance of detecting termites than possibly 99% of all Australian pest control firms. This is mainly attributed to the use of our Termite Detection Dog, as they rely on scent and not the termites being visible, they are far more likely to find termites where a person alone would fail, particularly when the house is constructed on a concrete slab, has restricted access in the sub-floor or non-visible entry points.

Termite Detection Dogs in Sydney

Below you can see a video of Darcy our termite detection dog during a termite inspection in Sydney. Termites were found under the kitchen cupboards after an invasive inspection. These were not visible but Darcy was able to detect them.

What happens during a termite inspection?

Our Termite Control Technicians use their experience and professional training to carry out a comprehensive inspection of your home or business premises. We inspect all accessible areas of the building where applicable, sub floor, roof void, interior, grounds etc, all in accordance with the Australian Standard. We will be looking for live termites, previous termite damage and any factors that may contribute to possible termite attack in the future.

Our termite detection dog can be used if it has been requested and our thermal camera, you should note that there is no standard for the use of a thermal camera in our industry and we do not claim to be qualified thermographers. We use our training provided and industry knowledge to determine if we think there is a thermal anomaly that warrants further investigation and if necessary we will use our Termatrac machine, by using all these tools your inspection meets the Australian Standard recommendations if high moisture has been detected.

Once the inspection is complete we will discuss any issues we may have detected and rectification work that may be required to reduce the potential risk of termite attack, you will also be forwarded an extensive report with all our findings.

You will find our prices are very competitive for the level of service we provide and equipment we use. With a quick phone call or email we will be able to give you a free no obligation quote on having a termite inspection done with a termite detection dog. We can service anything from a terrace house to a mansion or strata buildings.

Termite Treatments in Sydney

Before any termite treatment in Sydney should begin, a full termite inspection must be carried out by an experienced technician. This inspection is required because there may be other areas in the building that are also infested with termites and if these are not treated, then a full control is unlikely.

If termites are detected we first must try and control the termites in your house this can be done by either Termite Baiting which is our preferred method or using termite dusts of foams. Whilst we do use dusts or foams, we are very selective where we use them. You should also know that Arsenic dust has been banned now in homes and should not be used. Once control has been gained you should then have a management plan installed to reduce the potential of termites re-entering your home.

Termite Baiting in Sydney

Termite baiting is the most effective way of achieving termite colony control and is a non-toxic option. We come across many houses in the Sydney Region that have had a cheap treatment done that did not gain control of the colony.

Baiting involves us trying to get the termites to feed on the bait (the hardest part of the job), once this happens, they take it back to the nest and feed it through the colony. Termites actually moult several times a year and when this happens the colony will break down and die if they have consumed enough bait. The way the ingredients in the bait work is referred to as an Insect Growth Regulator, (IGR). As baiting relies on this (termite moulting) getting colony control is a lot more achievable because we are not putting a poison in contact with them as such.

There are two types of termite treatments available


Chemical Treated Zone

This involves digging a trench around the perimeter of the house, the sub-floor, around walls and piers. A chemical is poured into the trench and the soil is placed back. Concrete slabs, paths and driveways are also drilled and the chemical is injected into each hole.

When termites try entering the home by passing through a treated zone it will kill them as they come in contact with the product used. There are various product that we can use and have a life expectancy anywhere from 3-10 years and will often give you your best value for money when you work the cost out over the life expectancy of the product.

This system can be used as part of a prevention treatment or an active termite site. Termite Treatments are complex and may take months to complete. If the treatment is not done properly or the recommendations provided by the technician are not followed, then the treatment can fail, therefore it is essential that treatments are not tampered with and are only carried out by experienced termite technicians.

It is important that your building suits this type of treatment as if a complete treated zone is not done it may fail,we come across many houses that have been treated in this method and it should have never of been offered and this is why it fails not due to the product but poor application. It is up to your technician to give you the right advice.


Termite Monitoring Stations

Termite Monitoring stations may also be placed around the property after a treatment to monitor termite activity in the area if a chemical treated zone is not installed. As the name suggests they are there to monitor termite activity and if termites are detected the baiting can start again prior to them entering your house ideally .While most station brands have timber inside of them, Sentricon Always Active Stations are the only stations currently that has bait in every station. This can reduce monitoring and baiting costs in the future but are more expensive to install.