Bugs Or Us Pest Control has the ability to provide feral pest management and vertebrae animal control. With use of an experienced, licenced and insured shooter. We have the ability to offer assistance in the control a range of vertebra pests which may include birds (sparrows, pigeons, starlings etc) foxes, rabbits, wild dogs, cats, deer and other large pest animals. This specialist service is available in Wollongong, Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Sydney, Mid North Coast and surrounds.

Why you may need feral pest management?

Unfortunately, pest animals cause many problems to our environment whether it be our fauna or flora, killing of livestock and also fecal mess on buildings and lice problems. The use of pesticides and deterrents is sometimes ineffective and therefore the safe use of firearms or trapping is often desired.

What feral pests can we can control?

There is a wide range of vertebra pests that may be controlled for the above reasons these may include the below and more.

  • birds (sparrows, pigeons, starlings etc)
  • foxes
  • rabbits
  • wild dogs
  • feral cats
  • deer
  • and other large pest animals on request


Bugs or Us Pest Control | Central Coast
Bugs or Us Pest Control | Central Coast

Our marksman holds a NSW Firearms License in the following categories:

Category ABD – (Business – Other)
For the eradication of vertebrate pest animals on Industrial, Commercial and Special Use properties. We are able to assist in the control of pigeons, rabbits, foxes and cats, with the aim of leaving your property in a better condition than how we found it. With the use of suppressors your neighbors may not even know we are there carrying out work.

NSW Firearms Licence: Category ABD – Vertebrate Pest Animal Control (VPAC)

While many people on the land may have their own firearms, or are assisted by recreational shooters. We have made a significant financial investment in order to give you access to an operator who utilises the most effective pest control tools possible. A NSW Category D Firearms license is a highly restricted category, not available to 99% of the population and permits the operator to use Semi-Automatic firearms on rural properties, this has now been restricted in NSW. We also use suppressors(silencers) in in urban areas to reduce the impact on neighbors and additional target pests. If you are experiencing significant pest issues which cannot be managed by using recreational shooters we may be your best option.

By utilising the latest in thermal technology. Animals such as deer and wild dogs are able to be spotted from over 1km away without emitting any visible light which could potentially alert them to human presence. This gives the operator a significant advantage when targeting packs of wild dogs. As it offers no opportunity for advanced warning and dramatically increases the success rate. While at the same time decreases the opportunity for any surviving dogs to become educated as a result of the encounter. By combining a thermal scope and monocular to identify and target pest animals, with a firearm that allows fast follow up shots. Land owners now have the ability to dramatically turn the tables in their favour and decrease their stock losses.

As you would expect when using firearms, safety is paramount. So we always prefer to provide an onsite consultation so we can try and solve your pest problems as safely, humanely and effectively as possible. We are happy to consult over the phone to discuss your requirements to see if we can assist you free of charge before an onsite consultation.

If you are having problems with pigeons, foxes, wild dogs, deer or any other pest animals and think you need a licenced professional shooter. Please feel free to get in contact with us for a free over the phone consultation to see if we can assist you.

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