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Are pests taking over your home or business in Taree, New South Wales? Worry not; Bugs Or Us Pest Control is here to provide an effective termite treatment Taree residents have been searching for.

Pest Control Taree & Manning Valley

Bugs Or Us Pest Control is a leading Pest & Termite Control Company in the Taree Manning Valley area. We strive to carry out the best pest,termite control & termite inspection in Taree and most suburbs in this area. We are proud of our good honest reputation and our customer reviews speak for themselves.

For a specialist termite inspection and or termite treatment Taree services you can count on us. Our specialist tools are available including our termite detection dog, thermal camera and termatrac to all serviced suburbs in the Taree Manning Valley including Wingham, Cundletown, Kundle Kundle, Lansdowne, Tinonee and other  surrounding suburbs. No matter where you are we are not too far away.

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Our Pest Control Services – Pest Control Taree NSW

As a small pest control business servicing Taree and the Manning Valley, we want to provide a great all round experience. With over 20 years experience you can be assured we can take care of your pest problem. You do not stay in business this long unless you are doing something right. We are all about killing and controlling your pests safely and effectively whilst protecting your family and providing great customer service. 

Our mission is to provide a seamless and satisfying experience for our clients. Here are some common pests we expertly handle:

We can also address other pests upon request. Get in contact with us today so you can get yourself a pest inspection in Taree tomorrow!

What to Expect from Our Pest Control Taree Service

Our standard pest control service includes the following:

  • External spraying of building walls, fences, sheds, bins, clotheslines, and cubby houses.
  • Internal treatment around skirting boards and cupboard kickboards, with the possibility of using gel in kitchen cupboards.
  • Pesticide dust application in the roof void, wall cavities, and subfloor areas.
  • Depending on the pest, we may perform total internal floor sprays or yard sprays.

In some cases we may do total internal floor sprays or yard sprays depending on the pest we treat, all products we use are registered for their intended use and purpose so you can feel safe after the treatment has been done we have your safety in mind.

Worried About Termites?

Yes these critters are a very common occurrence in the Manning Valley.

Annual termite inspection in Taree is essential for early detection of termite activity on your property to prevent the potential for large-scale damage and expensive repairs. Inspections also assess the conducive conditions that make a property more susceptible to timber pests and ways to minimize the risk of attack. A great majority of homes in the Taree region are at risk from termites as the climate is perfect for them.

The Australian Standards recommends a competent termite inspection be done at least annually and in some cases more frequently depending on your risk of termite attack. The aim of doing an inspection so frequently is so that ideally we detected the termites early before they have done extensive damage to your property and that it is repairable at a lower more affordable cost.

A comprehensive inspection by Bugs or Us Pest Control is your best option as with our specialised tools like our Termite Detection Dog, Thermal Camera and Termatrac machine we have a better chance of detecting termites than possibly 99% of all Australian pest control firms. 

At Bugs Or Us Pest Control, we excel in termite inspections. With specialised tools like our Termite Detection Dog, Thermal Camera, and Termatrac machine, our detection accuracy is unmatched. Detecting termites early can save you significant repair costs, and we aim to do just that.

Termite Treatments in Taree

Bugs Or Us Pest Control aims to protect your home or building like it is their own. We have various treatment options up our sleeves to ensure the best option is available to you. These may include environmentally friendly options of baiting and monitoring through to chemical management plans. Either way we only use quality products and offer you the best option to suit your property and budget. More detailed information can be found here.

Why Choose Bugs Or Us Pest Control for Termite Treatment in Taree

With over 20 years experience we know what works and what doesn’t. We stay up to date with modern procedures and treatment options. We have been involved with Australian Quarantine services to assist with inspections as they have as much faith in our detection dogs as we do. We have the only trained dog in the Mid North Coast and have been using dogs since 2010. We also have a quality Testo thermal camera and Termatrac T3i ready to use if needed.

Customer service is our priority, we want you to be happy with our service. Check out some reviews our customers have left us.

Contact Us Today for Effective Pest Control and Termite Inspections in Taree and Manning Valley. We are here to ensure your peace of mind.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the signs of a termite infestation?

Common signs of a termite infestation include hollow-sounding wood, mud tubes on walls or foundations, discarded wings, and damaged wooden structures. If you suspect termites, it’s crucial to schedule a termite inspection promptly.

Are termite inspections and treatments safe for my family and pets in Taree?

Yes, our termite inspections and treatments in Taree are safe for your family and pets. We use registered products and environmentally friendly options to ensure your loved ones’ well-being while effectively eliminating termites.

Can I prevent termite infestations in Taree on my own, or do I need professional help?

While some preventive measures can help, such as reducing moisture around your home and storing wood away from the foundation, professional termite inspections and treatments are essential. Termites can be challenging to detect without specialised tools, so it’s best to rely on experts.

What’s the importance of regular pest control services in Taree, NSW?

Regular pest control services in Taree are essential to prevent infestations and protect your property. They help maintain a pest-free environment, reduce health risks, and save you money on potential repairs caused by pest damage.

Can Bugs Or Us Pest Control in Taree assist with emergency pest situations?

Yes, Bugs Or Us Pest Control is available to address emergency pest situations in Taree and the Manning Valley. If you’re facing a sudden pest problem, contact us, and we’ll respond promptly to resolve the issue and provide peace of mind.

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