Australia has several thousand species of spiders of which we have some of the most dangerous in the world where there are over 30000 species of spiders. Spiders may fall into different categories of which they may overlap in and can be related to how they-

1- Hunt whether they spin webs and set a trap or whether they travel and look for their prey.

2- Where they live do they like to be in cracks and crevices of buildings,  in plants or in the ground.

All these features are what we need to assess when carrying out a spider control treatment for particular species of spiders to give you the best result possible.

Spiders like the Black House Spider who live on houses in areas like small cracks and crevices around windows, door frames, guttering’s or under eaves are the easiest spiders to control. As we can spray a residual product that will give quick knockdown and also long-term control if spiders reinfest the area.

Spiders that live in the ground or in plants like the Funnel-web or Trapdoor Spider are the hardest spiders to control while we can give quick knock down it is very hard for any of our products to leave a long term residual that will be effective at controlling re infestations over a long period of time.

Spiders that crawl or hunt for their food like the Huntsman or White Tail Spider can also be hard to control. As they are nomadic they may come in contact with product residuals but time is required before they will die therefore they may still be detected inside a house after being affected by the spider control treatment and have not yet died.

What can I do around the home to have better spider control?

There are a few little things the homeowner can do.

Close curtains and blinds at night to reduce the light emitted from the windows. This is because light attracts flying insects and flying insects can be a food source for the spiders therefore reducing the food source will reduce the spider wanting to be in that area.

Keep your lawn areas clean and free from loose leaf litter, don’t store large rocks and block cracks and crevices where spiders may like to live.

Spiders do have a beneficial role in our ecosystem by reducing the number of insects. However due to the high risk of personal safety that some spiders can cause, spider control can be very important especially if you suffer from arachnophobia. On the upside scientists have created many anti venoms to deal with spider bites, since the anti-venom was developed for the red back spiders in 1975 no one has died from a redback bite in Australia.

The one spider that there is no anti-venom for and a very big fear in the community is the white tail spider and there are several reasons for this,

1  White tail spiders feed on other spiders therefore 1 white tail spider can have a different venom to another white tail spider depending on what spider they have eaten.

2 Not everyone reacts the same to a white tail spider bite for the very small minority that do have reactions. It has been discovered that the venom sends the body’s immune system into an overdrive, so some people will suffer a reaction and others may just get a little red lump that goes away relatively quickly. It all comes down to the individual.

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