What is commercial pest control?

Commercial pest control services are focused on eliminating pests like cockroaches and termites from non-residential spaces, such as factories or retail establishments. Commercial pest control from Bugs Or Us provides a cost-effective, safe and comprehensive solution across the New South Wales coast. No job is too big for our team — we will happily deal with hotels, schools, large factories and small cafes.

What pests are likely to invade commercial properties?

Commercial pest control companies have to know how to deal with a variety of pests depending on the industry in question. Housing structures and hospitality venues typically host different infestations from those found in restaurants or warehouses.

  • Hospitality sector — In hotels and guesthouses, pest control typically revolves around stopping bed bugs, cockroaches and flies. While the latter two are not especially dangerous, they have the potential to contaminate food, and bed bugs can be damning for your business reputation.
  • Restaurants and cafes — Wherever food is present, rats, mice and other rodents will quickly come searching. Preventing an infestation is far easier and less costly than dealing with one.
  • Warehouses and logistics — Depending on the stock you deal with, different pests are likely to be found on your premises. Food attracts rodents and cockroaches, while timber and construction materials attract termites and spiders.

Whatever you call us for, Bugs Or Us takes the time to understand your business, so we know what kind of pests to expect. With 20 years of experience providing a variety of pest control services, we can quickly implement a solution to deal with your pest problems.

Where can we do commercial pest control?

We are able to service the 

How much does commercial pest control cost?

Costs really do vary and will depend on the size of your site, the problem(s) you are experiencing and how often you require servicing. A small retail business that has regular servicing with no major issues and only requires maintenance work could cost as little as $110.

If you know you have an infestation or have discovered signs of pests in a commercial space, then don’t wait! Time is of the essence, and pest control is quicker and easier when you act sooner. Get in touch with the team here at Bugs Or Us right away, and let us solve your pest problem in no time.

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