Expert witness reports for Termite Control Treatments, Termite Inspections and Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Reports.

Bugs Or Us Pest Control can provide Expret Witness Reports to areas of the Mid North Coast, Mid Coast, Central Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong and Southern Highland regions of New South Wales. 

An expert witness report is designed to express a non bias expert opinion regarding matters that “may come” or “have come” before the courts.

The inspector must comply with the requirements of the“Expert Code of Conduct”.

An epert report is designed to assist the courts in their decision process to determine if there is any liability. As an expert witness we must remain impartial and all our findings are relevent to the Australin Standard. We will investigate, assess, and prepare the inspection documents. If necessary we also attend the hearings before a legal forum.

Bugs Or Us Pest Control can produce Expert Witness Reports for both claimants and defendants and may be used for Dispute Resolutions, Mediation or Court / Tribunal Judgments.

There are no travel charges unless services are requested outside of our service area.