Trelona ATBS Termite Monitoring Stations

Well it is finally here we have been waiting for this product for almost 12 months now. Why have we been waiting you may ask, well BASF have had to complete all their trials of Trelona ATSB ( Advanced Termite Baiting System) in Australia and we have been seeing a lot of great feedback from other pest control firms in USA stating how good this product is in comparison to other options. There is only one other product that is similar and whilst we have been using it there are several things we do not like about it and we always like to offer our customers the best possible option for the protection of their home and we believe Trelona termite monitoring stations should be a superior product.

Trelona is only the second termite pre baited termite monitoring station system available. It uses a new active ingredient called Novaluron which is an insect Growth regulator (IGR), Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor (CSI).

The Trelona termite monitoring stations can be set up in various formulations as the station holds 2 capsules. The station can be loaded with timber and or a cellulose capsule and or the Trelona capsule. This enables the Trelona station to be very versatile and meet a wider budget range to assist you. The timber insert will make it work like most termite stations available, the cellulose capsule is basically the same as the Trelona but does not have the active ingredient in it making it a slightly cheaper option. The reason this is an option is that the food source is the same which can make it easier to get the termites to transition onto the Trelona once they are detected.

If the Trelona stations are installed with the active capsule it can give you the option to extend your inspection period to between 3-6 months if there is no active termites and because the termites feed on the bait as soon as they enter the station it will speed up colony elimination.

Information from the field trials is the active ingredient Nuvaluron can achieve colony elimination quicker than other IGR CSI active ingredients used in other stations. The bait matrix is more palatable than the competitors, this is a major advantage as if the termites do not like to eat the bait it can make the job or potential risk of termites bypassing the stations more likely which is not what we want.

Whilst it does not effect our service area Trelona ATBS is the only bait that is registered for the control of Mastotermes darwinensis.

Trelona ATBS termite monitoring station is registered to be integrated with Termidor and Termidor HE treated zones to allow for a completed termite management system for the compliance of AS3660.2.

If you would like to find out more information about this product send us an email or give us a call on 0490454644.

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