Termite specialists seems to be a phrase thrown around a lot and is more an advertising or marketing ploy than a professional use of the phrase. When you require someone to do a termite inspection, termite treatment or implement a termite management plan and they advertise as a termite specialist you should ask them why are they a specialist.

Australian Standards 3600.2 refers to using a radar machine ( this is called a Termatrac ), a thermal camera or a detection animal if high risk issues are detected before an invasive inspection is carried out. Therefore if you require a termite inspection the firm you use should have one of these tools if they could be considered a specialist. You should also understand Thermal Cameras vary in there quality so ensure the people you choose have a quality camera. Another point you should understand is that in most of the case a thermal camera can not do what most customers thinks they are cable of.

If you are after a termite management plan or treatment you should be able to get information off their website or ask on the phone when making inquiries about the options they have. If they only do chemical treated zones or only Termite monitoring stations you should keep looking for a different firm, you want someone who can offer you both options and one that will suit the dwelling that needs to be treated or protected.

A firm that only does termite work would obviously be a specialist you would expect they would be able some of the tools I have mentioned, however there are not many businesses do this.

Another factor that may consider someone a termite specialist is if they carry out work as an expert witness in this field. An expert witness is someone who gives expert advice in a trade for the court of law.

At Bugs Or Us Pest Control we have used termite detection dogs since 2010, we have a Termatrac and a thermal camera with 240×320 resolution. We offer termite monitoring stations or chemical treated zones and have works as an expert witness.

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