Are You Getting A Thorough Timber Pest Inspection?

Building pest inspection is done to check for evidence of timber pest evidence, activity and defects within the Australian Standards. During inspection, the inspector will examine the property, this will include where applicable and access is possible, the sub floor, roof void and exterior, house interior and exterior and any other building elements, and then produce a building/timber pest inspection report.

When buying a property, property inspections are an essential part of the process. It offers helpful insights as to the condition of the structure. It will also help you decide whether you’re going to purchase the property at market value or not. It is typically advised by your solicitor or conveyancer that you ask for property inspection reports, like pest inspection report or building inspection report, so you can learn as much as you can about the property’s condition.

Usually, the reports generated identify possible structural, drainage, roof, plumbing, and pest damages (among other things) which you need to know prior to purchasing the property. Depending on the extent of the damage, these issues may prove to be a costly problem that you don’t want to take on. Be that as it may, it also gives you room to negotiate a cheaper price for the property.


What Will Be Inspected?

Inspectors will review parts of the property and they will be looking for flaws that may have compromised the structural integrity of the building. They will be checking the interiors, exteriors, the area within the 30m radius of the property, sub-floor space, and roofing, among other things.

For the interior, the inspectors will check out the ceilings, walls, floors, windows, doors and door frames, kitchen, toilet and bath, laundry, and stairs. For the exterior, they will check the walls, chimneys, timber and/or steel frames and structures, stairs, verandas, decks, balustrades, balconies, patios, and the like.

Areas within the 30m radius of the property like car park or garage, garden sheds, paths, driveways, fencing, surface water drainage, and more will also be looked into. If there’s sub-floor space, they will check for any damage that might compromise the structure of the property. For the roof, its space and exteriors will be subject to evaluation as well. Their findings will be reflected in the building and pest report.


We’re Your Expert Timber Pest Inspectors

Australian Standards advise performing pest inspections not exceeding 12 monthly. Some properties may have recommendations for inspections at a shorter frequency because of a very high risk of pest attack or because the property may have recently undergone a pest control treatment. To lessen the potential of pest-related building damage, pest inspections are advised during this time period. As your expert pest inspectors, Bugs or Us Pest Control provides a thorough timber pest inspection you need to see if your property has not been compromised by any pest infestation.

We use the latest tools and technology go carry out our inspections, and in the expert hands of our experienced and professional inspectors, locate the infested and compromised areas in the building fast and easy. We can also effectively remove and control pest infestation from your property. It is in your best interest to have the best pest inspection done by a trusted name in residential and commercial pest control service. And Bugs or Us Pest Control ensures a thorough job of it. Give us a call on 0490 454 644 now to schedule your pest inspection.

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