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Spider Pest Control

When it comes to spider pest control, there’s one name you can trust: Bugs or Us Pest Control. We have been doing pest control spider treatment, as well as with other pests like ants, termites, cockroaches, etc., for more than 20 years now. You can say that we are experts in handling these creepy-crawlies as we have ways of assessing the kind of spider control that you may need, whether it’s for your home or office.

You see, Australia is home to more than 2,400 different species of spiders. Spiders fall into different categories that overlap but basically they are classified based on how they hunt, and where they live. All these characteristics need to be assessed professionally before carrying out any spider control treatment to give you the best possible result. And Bugs or Us Pest Control has its own tried, tested, and proven ways of spider control treatments that will keep them away from your home or office.

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Keeping Spiders Away

It’s always a must to have clean and clear surroundings so that no pests shall stake a claim to a portion of your home or building. Here are some ways you can do to keep spiders away, whether you’re having your house treated against pests or not.

Close off/block entry points. Spiders (or other creepy crawlies) usually enter your house through small cracks and crevices, air vents, and other openings. Seal these openings with screen, caulk, or weather stripping.

Always maintain a clean surroundings. Vacuum often, and clean corners of every room—including windows, basements, attics, etc.). Check your house exteriors including windowsills, lights, and other possible entry points. Get rid of spider webs.

Exterminate safely. While there are insecticides that can take care of the task, you can never be sure if your home or office has already been infested by spiders. Once you see one spider, chances are, there are more of them wherever they came from. Call Bugs or Us Pest Control so we can do an initial inspection and assess the situation carefully.

Bugs or Us Pest Control is your best bet when it comes to spider pest control or any pests for that matter. Pests like ants, termites, rats and mice, wasps and bees… these pests are the bane of every home, office, and business. Prevent them from invading your premises. Let us conduct an inspection of your grounds and we’ll fix it for you.

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Why Choose Bugs Or Us Pest Control?

Bugs Or Us Pest Control uses industry-leading termite inspection technology to examine your property with significantly higher accuracy than a large majority of our competitors. We are pinpoint accurate in locating termite infestations because we utilise our Termatrac T3i, thermal imaging, and termite detection dog to determine exactly where these pests are hidden within your home or place of business. Even if we cannot visually see the termites or damage, these tools can help us detect them, saving you money. By using these tools, your inspection can be up to three (3) times more likely to detect active termites over someone not using these additional tools.

We combine our highly effective tools and technology with our over 20 years of skills, knowledge, and experience to set ourselves apart from over 99% of other pest control businesses. What’s more is we stay in regular contact with chemical manufacturers, representatives, and trade shows to continue our understanding and keep up to date with the latest products, equipment, and methods of treatment.

Our company and our staff are fully licenced and insured. This will give you peace of mind knowing that we follow the strictest industry and government standards and protocols when it comes to safety and quality. Likewise, all our staff and equipment are fully insured so we are prepared for any unwanted circumstances or potential eventualities that come with our jobs.

We take pride in delivering the highest levels of service excellence and customer satisfaction with every pest control project that we do. Our team does this from start to finish through careful planning and professional execution as well as clear and transparent communication with all our clients. We let our work speak for itself and let the results show the quality that we deliver.