Specialist Termite Control

Are you looking for the most accurate and cost-effective specialist termite control in NSW? Your search is finally over. For over 20 years now, Bugs Or Us Pest Control has built a strong reputation for our pinpoint accuracy when it comes to locating termite infestations, effectiveness in properly controlling colonies, and reliability for completely removing termites from residential and commercial properties. By doing this, we help prevent termites from doing any further damage to property and save our clients the expenses needed to fix what these troublesome insects destroy. This is why we are considered by many to be the best specialist termite control company in NSW.

Hundreds of homes and businesses throughout trust us to deliver the highest quality specialist termite control services. This is because we have proven time and time again for more than two decades now that we can quickly and easily find these harmful insects and get rid of them completely. We do this by employing industry-leading termite inspection technologies like our Termatrac T3i, thermal imaging, and termite detection dog to locate exactly where termites are hidden within your property. Then, we utilise the best termite treatment products from the world’s top manufacturers to not just eliminate the infestation but also reduce the risk of them coming back again. This is our competitive edge and your Bugs Or Us Pest Control guarantee!

So, if you want accurate and effective specialist termite control in NSW, Bugs Or Us Pest Control is your best choice!

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What Specialist Termite Control Services Do We Offer?

Bugs Or Us Pest Control offers a wide range of quality-assured specialist termite control services including –

  • Termite Inspections
  • Termite Chemical Treatments
  • Termite Treatments – Environmentally Friendly
  • Termite Baiting Treatments
  • Termite Monitoring Stations
  • Termite Detection Dogs

Let us help you get rid of the termites that are destroying your property now!

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Why Is Termite Inspection Important?

A termite inspection is recommended by Australian Standards to be carried out at intervals not exceeding 12 months. Some properties may have recommendations for inspections at a shorter interval which would be due to the property being a very high risk of termite attack or has possibly just had a termite control treatment carried out. The reason termite inspections are recommended in this time frame is to reduce the risk of damage to your building caused by termites. Some properties do have a termite management plan in place, but these are designed to make termite entry visible and not necessarily prevent entry.

It is in the property owner’s interest to get the best inspection they can as an inspection is only as good as the person who carries it out and the tools they use. Potentially, termites can turn up shortly after an inspection and will not be picked up until the next inspection. The shorter the period between the inspections, the there is less risk of extensive termite damage done to the building or timber structure. This will require much less repair work and, in the end, saving you money.

So, if you want the most thorough and practical termite inspection homes and businesses rely on, call Bugs Or Us Pest Control now!

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Specialist Termite Control Treatments

What Type of Termite Treatment Is Best?

A termite treatment should only be carried out by a professional. Quite often we come across people that have tried to do the work themselves only to have failed and made the job harder for us to fix. Termites are not hard to kill individually. It is stopping them from getting into your house which is hard or killing the nest. When you see termites in your property, that may only be 1% or less of what is actually in your home or place of business.

There are many ways to treat termites which can include termite dust or foams, termite baiting, termite monitoring stations, and a chemical ground treatment. Not all of these treatments are carried out in one building. It is usually up to the termite technician to try and determine which treatment will best suit the property that needs to be protected. From there, it will come down to what options are affordable.

A termite treatment is supposed to follow two rules, the Australian Standards and the product label used. The Australian Standard states that colony control is supposed to be gained first and then a management plan should be implemented after colony control. Product labels have varying rules depending on the product and how and where they should be applied to get effective results.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Termite Dust or Foam Treatments

To start with, you should understand that arsenic dust has now been banned in occupied residences. There are other safer options that we can use. This form of treatment is a spot treatment to try and gain colony control. While these products can work effectively, they need to be applied to all active areas and entry points to gain the best results. If this is not done, it is very common for these treatments to fail i.e., not gain colony control and is usually due to the termite technician not identifying all points of activity.

Termite Baiting Treatments

There are many different termite baits on the market. Some baits work better than others. But, at the end of the day, it comes down to what the termites want to eat. The hardest part of a termite baiting job is to get the termites to feed on the bait. Once they are feeding, it is only a matter of time until the colony is eliminated. Termite baits are all insect growth regulators. When termites go to moult, the active ingredient in the bait stops this and then causes the termite to die.

You should understand that the termite workers are the only ones that moult. But, by effectively eradicating the workers from a nest, it takes all food sources away in there for the rest of the colony, and they will all starve and die. If the termite baiting program has been implemented and termites are feeding on the bait, it is 100% effective at eliminating that particular colony. You should note that it does not provide any protection from additional attacks. So, other strategies need to be implemented to control this. All termite baits are a non-toxic means of gaining termite control.

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Why Choose Bugs Or Us Pest Control?

Bugs Or Us Pest Control uses industry-leading termite inspection technology to examine your property with significantly higher accuracy than a large majority of our competitors. We are pinpoint accurate in locating termite infestations because we utilise our Termatrac T3i, thermal imaging, and termite detection dog to determine exactly where these pests are hidden within your home or place of business. Even if we cannot visually see the termites or damage, these tools can help us detect them, saving you money. By using these tools, your inspection can be up to three (3) times more likely to detect active termites over someone not using these additional tools.

We combine our highly effective tools and technology with our over 20 years of skills, knowledge, and experience to set ourselves apart from over 99% of other pest control businesses. What’s more, we stay in regular contact with chemical manufacturers, representatives, and trade shows to continue our understanding and keep up to date with the latest products, equipment, and methods of treatment.

Our company and our staff are fully licenced and insured. This will give you peace of mind knowing that we follow the strictest industry and government standards and protocols when it comes to safety and quality. Likewise, all our staff and equipment are fully insured so we are prepared for any unwanted circumstances or potential eventualities that come with our jobs.

We take pride in delivering the highest levels of service excellence and customer satisfaction with every pest control project that we do. Our team does this from start to finish through careful planning and professional execution as well as clear and transparent communication with all our clients. We let our work speak for itself and let the results show the quality that we deliver.