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Very professional and trust worthy


Before I bought the house, the building inspector found termites in the backyard. I was panic and not sure if I should buy the house. Paul was gave very clear explanation and gave a whole plan on how to protect the house. So we bought the house and Paul did the whole protection plan for us. This year was the third year he come back to do the termites inspection for me. Excellent service and professional as always.

Jennifer Cheb

Genuine tradesman


Paul was professional and qualified tradesman. Efficient and easy to deal with. No marketing jargon or expensive signup agreements. He came to do a job and completed it to my satisfaction. I have recommended him to family members.

Sandra Reynolds

Rapid Response


Discovered an active new termite nest near the house and these guys were here within the week. Got the queen, treated the nest and checked the house out. So appreciated when the nest is close to the house to get this rapid and efficient response. Very Happy, will definitely use again.

Robyn Wicks

Pest inspection and control


Fit the job in short notice

Punctual and pleasant

Found other issues with house whilst doing inspection that I would not have found.

Very informative and took the time to answer my questions in depth

Would highly recommend Bugs or Us


Excellent service


Very reliable and excellent service