About Us

Bugs Or Us Pest Control operates as a family-owned business, and pride ourselves on giving you personal attention and optimal service in eradication and prevention of pest and/or termite problems, termite inspections and treatments. 

Paul obtained his licence in 2000 and since then has continued to stay up to date with modern safe pest and termite treatments. In 2010 he invested in purchasing a termite detection dog and shortly after a quality thermal camera to go along with our Termatrac. The aim was to set our business apart from our competition and to provide our customers with a higher level of professionalism. 

In 2011-12 when America went through a depression and our dollar was very high there was importing of high end boats to the country, which meant the possibility of importing termites. Paul's was Australian Quarantines go to person to carry out inspections and the only unsupervised inspector throughout Sydney. Unfortunately due to the change in economy there is not much of this work now but we still do get the occasional job come in through Australian Quarantine Inspection Service AQIS. 

In 2017 Australian Standards for termite inspections were revised and now recommend the use of detection animals and or radar technology (Termatrac) before an invasive inspection is carried out if high moisture readings are detected and a reason can not be confirmed, yet Paul has been doing termite inspections to this level since 2010.

Bugs Or Us Pest Control does stay in regular contact with chemical manufactures representatives and trade shows to continue our understanding of products and keep up to date with new products or methods of treatment, our industry has gone through many changes over the years so staying up to date is very important to us so we can offer you the best possible solution being it from home pest control, commercial pest control or termite treatments and inspection.

Bugs Or Us Pest Control is able to provide a broad range of services for your-

Home Pest Control needs including treatments for (Cockroaches, Spiders, Ants, Silverfish, Bees, Wasps Rats and Mice, Fleas and more if needed).

Termite Inspections that meet the new Australian Standards & Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections.

Termite Treatments, wether is be a chemical barrier or baiting and monitoring system, we offer you what we feel will be the best option for you house and budget.

Commercial Pest Control, we can implement a management plan to implement your requirements, our largest customer has several commercial kitchens and accommodates over 2000 people 

Real Estates, we are able to offer you our services for your rental roles or you may need help in trying to close a sale on a house that has termites where we can offer a treatment plan and possible warranty period, or you may need to get a secondary more accurate Timber Pest Report to help your client.

Strata Pest Control, we able to offer you general pest control to common areas and separate prices for private areas as well as termite inspections and treatments 

Feel free to give us a call and discuss your needs we can usually give you a free quote for most of the work we do.

Termite Detection Dog

Why use a termite detection dog? A trained termite detection dog can be 98% accurate compared to a trained pest inspector doing a visual inspection only being about 40% accurate.

You may wonder why there is such a difference. It is because a majority of houses have termite entry points that are not visible, we also cannot see through walls and when you get in the roof it is a very restricted for space with a lot of obstructions like air condition ducting and insulation that may cover a lot of the areas we need to inspect, yet our dog can smell them through the walls of the house and tell us about what we cannot see.

Our termite detection dog was trained the same way as Police and Customs dogs except that they are taught to detect the scent of live termites rather than the scent of an illicit substance or food.

Thermal Camera

We use a Testo 882 thermal camera. This camera is very high quality and has a resolution of 320 x 240. This resolution is very important as it gives us 76,800 measuring points per view to make an informed decision on your house. Please note that not all Thermal cameras are the same the lower the resolution the poorer the picture quality and sensitivity of thermal images. 

A thermal camera can be better than a moisture meter as it gives us the ability to check the whole visible wall and ceiling where someone using a moisture meter only checks where they put the tool.


 We have the Termatrac T3i this machine has a built in moisture meter, thermal laser and what it is most known for is it’s microwave sensor. The termatrac has the ability to emit a microwave ( not your cooking machine ) through various building materials, if any

movement is detected by the microwave it will indicate this to the operator. This tool is very good as we can use it try to detect termites without doing an invasive inspection. We believe that if your house is on a concrete slab this tool is your bare minimum tool required to do an inspection.

 All our termite and timber pest inspections do still require the inspector to check the property to the Australian Standards applicable to each inspection a Termatrac, thermal camera and termite detection dog are all tools to try and provide me and you with a more accurate inspection.

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