There are generally three types of wasps that we normally encounter

A mud wasp which build a small mud cocoon on walls but generally do not create many problems and their mud cocoons can be removed with no problem at all.

The paper nest wasps not normally very active at night and live in a nest that has shelter from the weather created by overhanging eaves or under plant leaves, normally these nests are located on the side of a house that gets the sun,  they have an excruciating sting and if the nest is disturbed often multiple wasps will attack you.  While a lot of people think creating a flamethrower with an aerosol can or knocking the nest off will fix the problem quite often it doesn't,  the best form of treatment is to place a residual pesticide on the nest and leave the nest up for a small period of time before knocking it off.

The European wasp also has an excruciating sting, they tend to live underground and will have multiple  entry points into the nest. As the homeowner it is always good if you can assist the pest controller by noticing where the wasps enter their nest which will speed up our treatment and therefore reduce your cost.

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