Termite Treatments


A termite treatment should only be carried out by a professional quite often we come across people that have tried to do the work themselves only to of failed and made the job harder for us to fix. There are many ways to treat for termites which can include termite dust or foams,  termite baiting, termite monitoring stations and a chemical ground treatment. Not all of these treatments are carried out on one house it is usually up to the termite  technician to try and determine which treatment will best suit the property that needs to be protected and then from there it will come down to what options are affordable. A termite treatment is supposed to follow two rules the Australian Standards and the product label used. The Australian Standard states that colony control is supposed to be gained first and then a management plan should be implemented after colony control. Product labels have varying rules depending on the product on how it should be applied and where it should be used in order to get effective results.

Termite dust for foams:

To start with you should understand that arsenic dust has now been banned in occupied residences. there are other safer options that we are able to use. This form of treatment is basically a spot treatment to try and gain colony control. While these products can work effectively they need to be applied to all active areas and to gain best results entry points, if this is not done it is very common for these treatments to fail ie not gain colony control and is usually due to the termite technician not identifying all points of activity.

Termite baits

There are many different termite baits on the market, some baits work better than others but at the end of the day it comes down to what the termites want to eat,  at the end of the day the hardest part of a termite baiting job is to get the termites to feed on the bait, once they are feeding it is only a matter of time until the colony is eliminated.Termite baits are all insect growth regulators, when termites go to do a moult the active ingredient  in the bait stops this and then causes the termite to die.  you should understand that the termite workers are the only ones that moult but by effectively eradicating the workers from a nest takes all food sources away in there for the rest of the colony will starve and die. If it termite baiting program has been implemented and termites are feeding on the bait it is 100% effective at eliminating that particular colony it does not provide any protection from additional attacks so other strategies need to be implemented to control this. All termite baits are a non toxic means of gaining termite control.

Termite monitoring stations

Termite monitoring stations do exactly as they say they are a small station designed to attract termites within a small area to come and feed on the products that are inside them with the exception of Sentricon Always Active  once termites are detected in the stations a termite bait is generally placed inside of them to eradicate the termites.  these stations should be placed around the perimeter of your property at intervals not exceeding 3 to 4 meters  and checked at least every 3 months. Sentricon Always Active Stations currently the only product on the market that has a bait rod in every station instead of timbers therefore when termites go to the station they are feeding on a bait straight away and do not have to be lured into the bait.  termite monitoring stations are a non toxic form of termite control and recommended buy Bugs Or Us Pest Control where a chemical treatment cannot be applied adequately  or if the customer request this option. It should be noted but it is still possible for termites to pass in between the stations and attack your house however the risk of attack is significantly lowered by having the correct amount of monitoring stations installed.

Termite chemical treatments

Certain products are registered for the control of termites the way they work is they bind with the soil particles and prevent the termites from travelling through that particular soil or if they do travel through it they will die. When dealing with these products they fall into two categories, repellents and non repellents.  termites have the ability to detect chemicals in the ground before hey repellent product should never be used if termites are active in a house as the termites can detect the product in the soil and will try and avoid it this can cause termite entrapment in the house or for them to find a way around the product and possibly become undetectable, Bugs Or Us Pest Control  will generally only use these types of products on a house that does not have termites. A non repellent product allows a termites to travel through the product and die and therefore not  generally causing termite entrapment. Some of the chemicals that we can use are Biflex a repellent, or non repellent chemicals are Termidor,Termidor HE, Premise or Altriset.

Because Bugs Or Us Pest Control is not owned by a large company we are able to give you the options on all products we think will provide you with an effective treatment and let you decide which product you think suits you within reason. All products have their advantages and disadvantages some treatments require ongoing additional work where others don't some chemicals have a life expectancy of 5 years and others 10 these factors are what will determine the price of a termite treatment along with the size and style of a house. Please note at Bugs Or Us Pest Control we do not use any generic products as we do not find them as effective.

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