Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspection

A pre-purchase timber pest inspection also referred to as a pre-purchase pest report is recommended before purchasing a property the purpose of this report is to try and determine if there are any structural problems that have been created by timber pests  and or problems that may increase the risk of timber pest attack. Timber pests include termites,  borers, wood decay fungi or wood rot and chemical delignification. The idea of a report is to try and give you the potential purchaser of a property and outline of what problems may exist in a house in the house that you are purchasing  so you can determine whether you feel you want to pay the nominated price for the property. All homes that contain timber elements are vulnerable to timber pest attacks.

What information may you find in a pre-purchase timber pest report?

All reports are written or approved by our insurance companies assuming your inspect it is insured so there are set questions that we are required to answer and limitations to where we are able to access all in accordance with the Australian standard. In your report we will we will comment if we feel there are active termites,  if we feel there has been previous termite damage, if there has been a previous termite management plan implemented And conditions that may be  conducive to termite attack. We will comment on borer evidence and or activity,  chemical delignification and wood decay if there is evidence of it and if it is still decaying.  we may also report on sub floor ventilation assist can create a more favourable environment for termites and mould.  you will also find pictures in your report of any areas that may be relevant to the property and timber pest attack.

How do we carry out a Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspection?

Like all inspectors we attempt to gain access to all accessible areas of the house (  the subfloor,  interior,  roof void and grounds where applicable )  and use our extensive training to detect any evidence or activity of timber pests. We use a vast array of tools to try and identify any timber pest problems that need to be reported on.

Why use Bugs Or Us Pest Control?

Bugs Or Us Pest Control  have more equipment available to us to carry out more accurate inspections then a large majority of other competitors.  bugs or us Pest Control specialises in doing inspection work based on the fact that we have all this equipment available like our termite detection dog,  a thermal camera and termatrac t3i,  it is all these tools and our many years of experience that set us apart from over 99% of other businesses.

But it's cheaper to get someone to do the pest and building report at the same time!

This is true however you will usually find a builder has gone out and done a quick pest control course in order to give them the licensing required they generally do not have the experience in the timber pest field that a pest controller will have. The main advantage of getting independent reports done is that She will get a specialist report and if problems are detected in a timber pest report a pest controller will normally be able to provide you with the right advice and approximate costs to rectify any problems therefore it may save you having to reports done and time getting quotes so you can make a decision on the purchase of your  potential new home.

But there has been a report done by the current homeowner!

this is becoming more common but bear in mind that a homeowner may only want the report done as cheaply as he can and one that may read favorably to his property to encourage the sale, where you should be after the best report you can get a few hundred dollars is insignificant compared to tens of thousands of dollars that it can cost to do repairs.  You should also understand that unless the report is in your name it is not your legal document and you will not be able to claim against that inspection company.

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