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Bugs Or Us Pest Control are a leading Pest and Termite control company.

Common pest we treat for are:

  • Cockroaches
  • German cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Fleas
  • Silverfish
  • rats and and mice
  • Wasps
  • Bees
  • other pests can be treated on request

What we do in a general pest control treatment?

A standard pest treatment carried out by Bugs Or Us Pest Control would generally includes the external spraying of building walls fences sheds bins clothes lines and cubby houses etc., spraying internally of the home around the skirting boards cupboard kickboards and sometimes gel in around the kitchen cupboards, a pesticide dust will be blown into the roof void and into the sub floor area where possible. In some cases we do total internal floor sprays or yard sprays depending on the pest we treat. All products we use are registered for their intended use and purpose so you can feel safe after the treatment has been done.

How to prepare for our service?

Information is generally given over the phone at time of booking however these are some general steps that we recommend you follow

  • Carry out any housework prior to our arrival. This means war should be mopped and vacuumed as doing this after our treatment can reduce the effectiveness of our products.  Also the more areas that we are able to treat the better job you will have done.
  • Most clients can stay in the house while the treatment is being done, however any treated areas should be avoided until dry. Products for use inside generally do not have an odour and do not affect asthmatics however if you are extremely sensitive it is best that you let us know at time of treatment and you leave the property for at least 2-4 hours.
  • if you are pregnant or have young children we do recommend that you leave the house for 2-4 hours,  on re-entry you should wear shoes inside to ensure all products have dried once they are dry it is deemed safe for re-entry.
  • Dogs and cats may have to be contained to certain areas or removed depending on the treatment requested until products are dry. birds, fish, rabbits and reptiles are usually fine and do not have to be moved depending on their location but it is important to inform your technician of any pets you have and location at time of treatment and follow any verbal advice given.
  • Windows should be closed whilst outside walls are being treated they can be reopened after to allow more ventilation through the interior which will help the products dry faster. Keeping the windows closed does not make the products work better.
  • On reentry please keep non-absorbable footwear on until you know all areas are dry and safe.
  • Do not clean  immediately after your treatment as this will reduce the effectiveness of the products used.
  • Follow any recommendations your technician gives you at time of treatment.
  • If you have any questions please ask for technician or call us for any advice regarding your treatment.
  • All our products used are design to withstand the weather to some degree as they all leave a residual if it rains shortly after your treatment do not be too concerned as long as the products have dried they will not wash off with the rain.  if it is raining the morning of your booking please contact us as we may have to postpone your trip if we deem it too wet to carry out an effective service,  a small shower will generally not affect your treatment prior to us arriving. If you are concerned about the weather after your treatment do feel free to contact us, bare in mind that most of our treatments do come with a free service period as per our company policy.

Why do the products need to be dry to be deemed safe?

All products that we use are at their most toxic level at time of treatment or when in liquid form once a product is dry it works off a residual and takes a longer period of time to kill any pests targeted.

How long does it take for our products to dry?

The time it takes varies on the temperature all the weather outside and inside obviously the hotter the day and the more ventilated a house the quicker it will dry.  generally outside the product may be dry within 15-30 minutes inside it may take anywhere from 1 hour up to 3 on a very cold wet day.

Will I see pests after the treatment?

Yes unfortunately we do not turn up and wave a magic wand and everything disappears. Our service is to provide control of your pests in certain cases cockroaches and spiders and other pests are able to fly in or migrate to your property and it is then up to the residual of the products that we use to get control of those pests. Other pest like German cockroaches and fleas involve trying to break a breeding cycle and until that is done you will see evidence of them. This is standard with any pest control procedure, if another firm tells you otherwise they are lying.

So how do I know if the treatment is still working?

Straight after your treatment you will notice that there are quite a lot of dead spiders around your house or dangling from your eaves all guttering especially on a crowded house usually the next morning you will see some dead cockroaches around sometimes even straight after the treatment if you have heavy infestations in the sub floor and roof this is a direct result of the initial application of the products. Overtime you you may see the odd cockroach or spider but you should also see dead spiders or cockroaches around your property and this will give you a good indication that the products are still effective the older the product gets the longer it takes to kill any pests.

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