What is a pre purchase timber pest inspection?

A Pre Purchase Inspection or Timber Pest Inspection is recommended before purchasing a property to ensure that no hidden structural issues exist that have been caused by timber pests. Timber pests include termites, wood borers and wood decay fungi (wood rot). These timber pests are common in all properties and can cause significant and structural damage to a home. By reporting on these pests and combining this report with a building report you will then have enough information to make a more informed decision on the purchase of your new home.


How do we carry out a Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection?

Like all inspectors we attempt to gain access to all accessible areas of the house ( subfloor, interior, roof void and grounds ) and use our extensive training to detect any evidence or activity. What sets us apart from 99% of inspectors is that we have more equipment at our fingertips including Termatrac, Thermal Camera, and our biggest asset a Termite Detection Dog. With the use of this equipment it enables us to give you a more accurate Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Report. While our Inspection Reports are a little more expensive than others. We use this additional equipment which can reduce the chances of missing vital information and the chance of needing additional inspections without being invasive.

Why Use Bugs Or Us Pest Control?

Apart from our extensive equipment available to us, we have the knowledge and experience to be able to advise on any treatments that may be needed and the costs involved. Therefore helping you with the purchase and negotiation of the house without involving another party possibly saving you time and money. This is quite often the service you lose when you choose someone who does both pest and building reports, while they might do a cheaper job it is not necessarily a better job.

Paul also operates as an expert witness for pre purchase timber pest reports. This is a person that reports on other companies reports that may have a legal claim against them to see if they have been negligent.

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